Bent Billard Nose Warmer | La Croix - 1pk

Bent Billard Nose Warmer | La Croix - 1pk

Product Details

1 short bowl Genuine Briar La Croix Bent Billiard Nose Warmer tobacco Pipe. Unused, New, Old-Stock. Pipe size, finish, shade and stem style can vary. 

Average size: 
Length: 4.25in | 107.95mm 
Height: 1.5in | 38.2mm 
Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.67in | 17.1mm 
Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.3in | 33mm.

Making bowls for famous makers for years, the La Croix plant finally closed down its doors in France about 5 years ago. Since then, Barlow & Dorr has had the opportunity to slowly purchase the last of the stock, sometimes humorously found under old baskets or behind stairwells. These genuine briar pipes are not what Gerard LaCroix would have claimed as his best, they certainly are not his worst. Though La Croix would have labeled these as "1 Star", after we have polished these pipes up, one can still appreciate the beautiful La Croix craftsmanship that has famously been enjoyed for years. These factory-seconds are unavailable outside the U.S.